Digital Campus For You

Certificate in Desktop Publishing

Duration- 3 Months


InDesign, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Coreldraw, Karizma

Applications -

 Extremely useful for offset printers, phototgraphers & media professionals.

 Useful for aspiring freelancers to take independent DTP jobs such as creating wedding cards, visiting cards & office stationary etc.

 Learning use of popular multilingual software.

 Making logos using shape tool, contour blend, envelop rollup.

 Creating bitmap effects, 4 color jobs, passport size photo, 4*6 photo, 8*12 photo, special effect photo.

 Learning exciting features of Karizma.

Certificate in Hardware & Networking

Duration- 3 Months


 Introduction to internal devices like Microprocessor and motherboard, Power and SMPS, BIOS setup, beep codes, RAM, ROM, hard disk, CD-R,RW,DVD-RW.

 Introduction to external devices.


 Assembling of personal computer.

 Installation of operating system and most useful application software.

 Troubleshooting basics and FAQ.

 Learning smart data recovery tools.

 Recovering corrupted OS in minutes (restoring old OS with installed software).

 Introduction to networking - 1) Types of networking, 2) Understanding TCP/IP protocol suite, 3) Wireless networking and internet.

 Making LAN cable using crimping tool.

 Windows server 2008 installation and basics.

Applications -

 Extremely useful for offset printers, phototgraphers & media professionals.

 Useful for aspiring Hardware/Network/PC Support engineer.

 Helpful for any professional to understand basics of assembling, common troubleshooting of PC & laptop.

 Understanding smart data recovery and cloud back up.

 Understanding to recover old OS with installed software

 Useful to understand basic networking concepts along with Wi-Fi networks.

Certificate in Web Designing

Duration- 3 Months

 Drafting - Creating layout of website.

 Photoshop - Materializing the layout using Photoshop

 ImageReady - Image optimization - Use of slice utility

 Dreamweaver - Design and link pages

 Flash - Creating web animated banners & buttons

Applications -

 Useful for aspiring freelancers to take web development jobs(self-employment).

 Designing web pages, creating buttons, roll-over images and animated slide shows.

 Developing table base, table less and HTML 5 Web pages.

 Learning action scripts, embedding videos, code snippets.

 Learning 2 D animations using flash.

Certificate in Financial Accounting

Duration- 3 Months


  Theory of accounting

  Types of accounts and their rules

  Features of accounting

  Journal entries

  Creation of company

  Creating ledger and voucher entry

  Final account report(trading, P & L A/c, balance sheet)

  Inventory management

  Value added tax(VAT) and service tax

  Tax deducted/collected at source



Applications -

 Useful for aspiring Jr./Sr./Industrial Accountant.

 Useful for aspiring freelancers to take independent computerized account wrutubg hibs(self-employment).

 Useful to become a Tally trainer or reseller.

 Useful to a self-learning tutorial for shop keepers, traders and small scale units to manage their accounts.

 Useful for management and auditors.


 Job oriented courses offered through a nation-wide network of local learning centers

 Joint certification by Savitribai Phule Pune University and ETH

 Instant and online provisional certificate.

 State-of-the-Art infrastructure at learning centers

 Trained, certified and industry experienced faculty

 Syllabus mapped to industry needs and international certifications

 Focus on practical training & assignments.

 Latest course material.