Digital Campus



  • Unified Web based solution that is available Anytime Anywhere Anyone.
  • Addresses entrie student lifecycle from admission to results.
  • Instant access to administrative, academic and financial information.
  • Virtual classrooms for collaborating with the best of teachers from around the world.


  • Instant access to all the information related to word.
  • Access to information related to academic, behavior, attendance, exam, schedules etc.
  • Regular update on Childs attendance, exams, schedules etc.
  • Regular update on Childs attendance, progress reports and fees.
  • Seamless communication with school through parent portal Online payment for books and uniform.


  • Better focus on teaching.
  • Automated student attendance.
  • Online publishing of homework and assignment.
  • Enhanced communication with parents and students.


  • Access to learning resources from home.
  • Online homework and assignment.
  • Access to school activities such as attendance, timetable,projects, etc.
  • Access to performance report.
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers and school.

Key Differentiators

  • Secure : Hosted in professional data centers having multiple layers of physical and technical security.
  • Scalable: Have thousands of students? No problem, we have the platform that scales up to your requirements.
  • Comprehensive: Consisting of 42 highly customizable modules comprising over 1300 functionalities, Digital Campus is a single stop solution to meet all the needs of educational governance, right from admission, fees, financial accounting, results etc. to alumni.
  • User Friendly: Digital Campus is architected to handle hundreds of conditions, but carefully designed access control system hides all the complexity from end users.
  • Cost-effective: When zero investment on hosting infrastructure and its management, Digital campus is available in various editions to suit your business needs.
  • Support: When you choose Digital Campus, you get not just the product, but a service guarantee that is backed by our SLA.
  • Engagement Model: Easy entry - Easy exit. Our engagement with school is based on value that we bring to the school and not constrained by the pricing.
  • Cloud Data Backup: Depending on engagement models, we offer automated backup of data from school to our state-of-the-art cloud servers, which can be downloaded by schools. Data is also available in a standard exportable form.